Our story

The history of Rondvaartbedrijf Kool

For 50 years, Rondvaartbedrijf Kool has been a family business with a rich history. Since 1969 the company is located accross Groningen's Central Station. Read the fascinating story of Rondvaartbedrijf Kool here.

A family business for 50 years

In 1969 alderman Wolters gave a license for boat tours through the city of Groningen. This marked the beginning of Rondvaartbedrijf Kool. But before the first passenger could board, a lot needed to happen.

It was a big challenge to facilitate services such as electricity, water and telephone. Also, there was no checkout location on land available, but a good solution was found: an Amsterdam 'Deck Barge' was purchased, a railing was placed thereon with a checkout of 3 by 3 meters. This got a berth for the pedestrian crossing opposite to the Central Station.

The first boat: Pronkjewail

The checkout arranged, but now a boat.... There were plenty in Amsterdam, however not for sale. Rederij Bergman wanted to sell one, but the boat was too high. Another boat had the right height, but wasn't for sale. They started the negotiations and finally agreed on the price and the boat was purchased.

This boat sailed from Amsterdam via the IJsselmeer to Groningen. When the boat arrived, the rebuilding started. They worked day and night to give it the correct height. The boat was renamed from the "Jan Evertsen" to the "Pronkjewail" on June 16, 1969. This was done by, again, Alderman Wolters.

From 1989, a new generation

After 20 years of sailing through the canals and province, the company was taken over by daughter and son-in-law on June 16, 1989. They expanded the company to a worthy cruise company with 4 ships:  Pronkjewail, Goldenraand, Ommelaand, and Wonderlaand and with a new jetty.

Very well known in the city of Groningen

Thanks to their beautiful location right accross the Central Station and the many times they cruise the canals, they are still very well known in the city of Groningen. Moving forward, they can't wait to proceed with what they love the most; making many more passengers happy with wonderful boat tours.